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A great idea.

But needs subtitles.
And now you need to make a flash which teaches us how to sing that song and play it on a guitar!


Great animation, but really, really disturbing themes. Great work, I appreciate that you did make a scary animation without a screamer :) But, I was hoping you would have edited the horns to look more realistic, and had some more creepy stuff going on, not just the pictures ;)

And is the music just an intro of a song or the whole song? And what's the name of the song?

starkravenmadd responds:

Unfortunately I can not do anything to the original file, for it corrupted towards the ending. *sigh*

But thanks for the suggestions and the review!

The song is "Winky in C Minor" and is the whole song.

Good music, good video

Great animation style, I think i've seen it some kind of an animation series before, don't remember the name though.

The music was brilliant!

But I would have liked it even more if you added the 'karaoke' subtitles for the whole flash.

On the whole, nine stars. A would-be ten if you had added the subtitles. :)

More coming?

starkravenmadd responds:

Oh yea more comming for sure! Wooop! Thanks for the review and I always want to add subtitles, but I tend to get lazy at the end. Sorry, but I'm glad you liked it anyways!

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Brickfist was too hard to handle...

The game was fun, until the police showed up - I beat him until his lifebar went down, but he didn't die. >:( Should've I done something, like eaten a mini or something else or was this just a plain ol' bug?

Great but creepy

GFX and SFX were alright, and the gameplay was nice. What I didn't like was the not-that-crystal-clear-plot, the useless items with not-that-funny descriptions and the fact that too many of the puzzles consisted on the player having to go to another side of the map, read a description, go back to the other side of the map and do what the description tells the player to do. As an example, the jump-three-times-puzzle was IMHO lame, as in contrast you could had made a hint instead of just telling the player what he/she has to do.

Good game!

Woo! I got 499665!

But I was in the 3rd color change, and in the screenshot it looks like it's some weird pink color change. (Which I never saw) So this means that no one on ng has gotten that far?

Good game, has addictive gameplay and plain simplicity.

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